Gone Batty


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This is my bat-face. Fear it.

Hello! Had a little slip into depression so I stopped writing (and stopped caring altogether last night, but ho-hum, that’s recovery!) and tried to boost my self-esteem by finding a new stomping ground. But you always come back to what you love.

I love bats – big ol’ flying foxes and tiny lil’ pipistrelles. When summer rolls round, the only pleasure I really derive from the warm sun is knowing that the swallows will arrive to swoop and loop above the river banks, and the bats (swallows of the night) will be there after sunset to continue the acrobatic show.

Last year we had bats living somewhere nearby, feeding on the copious riparian insects and jokingly flying at me while I cycled home from work. This year, after the poor seasonal weather, there’s no bats close by. I get updates from local charities (and far-away charities such as Bat World Sanctuary) about hungry bats being found and rescued and orphans whose lives need saving.

I would like to train to be a ‘bat carer’ – ready to pick up, rescue and assess the health of needy bats nearby. Until I can, I’d like to do some fundraising on behalf of these beautiful little nightbirds. During Hallowe’en I’ll likely stand in the town center and bother passers-by for donations – it’s just an excuse to wear my batty headband during the day.

August is hosting International Bat Night (24th-25th) and I’d like to do something a little more active! The first thing that came to mind was a sponsored nocturnal walk – I have an idea for a 9 1/2 mile route that I’m very familiar with, and I’m quite enthusiastic about it!

Any opinions or tips?